"Strengthening Primary Health Care and Quality Services for Older People in Hong Kong"



Date:23/11/2013 (Saturday)
Time:9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue:Ballroom, Langham Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Peking Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Enquiry:Miss Gloria Chun / Mr. Thomas Wong
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Opening Ceremony and Welcome Address
Dr. Edward M F Leung, President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology


Keynote Speech
Dr. CHAN Hon-yee Constance, JP
Director of Health, Department of Health, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


Presentation of Souvenirs & Presentation of The Accreditation Certificates


Plenary Sessions 1
“Vaccination: a Cornerstone in the Primary Care of Older People”
Dr Shelley de la Vega
Associate Professor, University of the Philippines College of Medicine
Director, Institute of Aging, University of the Philippines Manila - National Institutes of Health
Vice President, Philippine Foundation for Vaccination


Outstanding Paper Presentations

  • Quality Service for Older People in Long-Term Care: A Study of the Quality of Life of Nursing Home Residents from 2008 to 2012
    Claudia K.Y. LAI & Enid W.Y. KWONG

  • Life Mentor Scheme for Generation Me: A Student-centered Experiential Learning Activity for Student Excellence in an Ageing Society
    Alice M.L. CHONG

  • A Study of the Characteristic Features of Volunteers Aged 50 or above Serving in Non-government Organizations (NGO) for Elderly in Hong Kong

  • Neuropsychiatric symptoms predict the risk of progression to dementia in Chinese: Findings from Hong Kong Memory and Ageing Prospective Study (HK-MAPS)
    W.C. CHAN, Linda C.W. LAM, Candy H.Y. WONG, Grace T.Y LEUNG & Ada W.T. FUNG

  • Goals and Successful Aging in Hong Kong Chinese Older Adults
    Alma AU, Teresa TSIEN, Eddie NG, Simon LAI, Candy LAM


Plenary Sessions 2
“Physical Exercise and Healthy Ageing”
Prof. Siu-yin Cheung,
Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

LUNCHPoster Presentation*
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Free Paper Presentation

Session I — Fall Prevention
  • How to age like IPMAN? Senior Ving Tsun martial art practitioners have better balance performance and knee muscle strength
    Shirley S.M. FONG & Shamay S.M. NG

  • Formulate Inpatients Falls Prevention Strategies by Systematically Analyzing Fall Incidents
    T.K. YIM, Elaine Y.L. CHENG, Ada O.K. FUNG, K.Y. SHA, Luby K.L TSO & Edward M. F. LEUNG

  • A randomised trial comparing the use of Tai Chi with or without a cognitive-behavioral intervention to reduce the fear of falling in community-dwelling elderly people
    Justina Y.W. LIU

  • Allied Health Fall Prevention Clinic in Kowloon East Cluster General Out-Patient Clinics: Enhance fall prevention in community dwelling elderly by early detection of fall risk and target intervention
    Yvonne Y.F. LAW, C.W. CHAN, S.H. WAN, S.W. WONG, V.K. CHAO, K.W. WONG,. T.K AU, C.T. YIP

  • Risk Factors and Predictors of Hospital Readmission Following Surgery for a Hip Fracture
    Elaine Y.L. CHENG, Edmund K.Y. SHA & Edward M.F. LEUNG


Session II — Mental Health

  • Continuous promotion of Person-centred Care for the people with dementia at residential homes by using Dementia Care Mapping (DCM)
    Maggie Y.M. LEUNG, Diana S.H. KAM, Schwinger C.K. WONG, Lisa K.L. TSE & Wilson W.S. WONG

  • Factors affecting level of QOL of community-dwelling elders in Hong Kong
    Y.T. KWOK, K.P. WAI & Cecilia W.P. LI-TSANG

  • Predictors to subclinical depressive symptoms among community-dwelling seniors identified through a mobile centre
    Rebecca K.P. WAI & Teresa CHIU

  • Evaluation of a Community-based Care Programme for Older adults with Early Dementia
    Amy Y.M. CHOW, Iris K.N. CHAN, Paulin P.L. PANG & Patrick P.T. CHOW

  • Cancer-Related Information Seeking and Scanning Behaviors in Older Chinese Adults: A Cross-Sectional Survey
    Doris Y.P. LEUNG, Twiggy T. CHOW, Eliza M.L. WONG, Helen Y.L. CHAN & Diana T.F. LEE


Session III — Community Health

  • Health-related consumption behaviour among elderly population: an Exploratory Study
    Mimi TSE, K.L. CHAN, Anthony WONG, Eric TAM, Elaine FAN, Gloria YIP

  • Challenges Encountered by NGOs in Hong Kong to Facilitate Aging in Place: A Qualitative Study
    Kris W.N. WONG & S.T. KWOK

  • A Survey of Habitual Physical Activity among Community-dwelling Elderly in Hong Kong
    K.P. WAI, Y.T. YEUNG, W.Y. LI & K.S. CHOI

  • Changes of pain intensity, pain interference, catastrophizing and coping in Chinese older adults by multidisciplinary self-management pain program
    Joanne W.Y. CHUNG, Maggie Y.M. LEUNG, Diana S.H. KAM, Walter Y.M. LOK & Joyce W.L. YIP

  • Effect of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program on hospital discharge elderly and their caregivers: A community-based approach
    Kevin K.W. CHEUNG & Winnie W. S. LEUNG


Session IV — Long Term Care

  • Frailty status among older adults: What is the relationship of frailty to pain and happiness?
    Mimi TSE, Claudia LAI, Anthony WONG, Enid KWONG, Justina LIU, Sylvia TING, S.K. TANG, K.L. CHAN & Winnie WONG

  • Support Paradox in Caregiving: a Focus Group Study of family Caregivers of Older Adults Living in Elderly Homes
    Wallace C.H. CHAN & Karen L.Y. WONG

  • Mortality-related factors in long term care residents: a 4-year prospective study
    K.LAM & Angel C.C. CHAN

  • Using Cloud Technology to Construct Health Records for Elders Health Caring : A Pilot Project in a Nursing home
    M.Y. LIAO, S.W. HUANG, Y.J. KUV, H.F. CHU & Y.L. LIN

  • Perspectives of Older Residents in Aged Homes Concerning Living Will
    Noble P.K. LAW & Carmen W.H. CHAN

* Poster Presentation
  • Applications of Drama Activities for Frail Older People: A Literature Review
    W.C. WONG & Mimi TSE

  • Development of defining characteristics of pain in patients with advanced dementia
    P.W. TSAI, J.J. WANG, Y.H. SHIH & E.P. SU

  • Atypical Symptom Presentation of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Hong Kong Older People
    Polly W.C. LI, Diana LEE & Doris YU

  • Parki-fit and Walk Program Promoting Physical Activity and Health Fitness for Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease: Impact of non-motor symptom ‘Fatigue’

  • The Use of Non-pharmacological Pain Management Strategies in Frail Older Adults
    K.F. YEE & Mimi TSE

  • The Effect of Life Review Interventions on the Psychological and Spiritual Well-being of Older People: a systematic review
    Carmen K.M.LI, Carmen W.H. CHAN & Helen Y.L. CHAN

  • A Cognitive Advancement Program to Improve Cognitive Functioning of People with Mild Cognitive Impairment
    Timothy KWOK, Bel P.S. WONG, Isaac IP, Vennus HO, Andrew LAU & Florence HO

  • The Development of a Diabetes Risk Score Smartphone Application (DRS app): views from the stakeholders
    Angela Y.M. LEUNG, Mike K.T. CHEUNG, Esther Y.T. YU, Cindy L.K. LAM & Karen S.K. LAM

Registration Fees(Lunch & 2 Tea Breaks included)
 HK$500 (Members) / HK$650 (Non-members) / US$150 (Overseas)
Accreditations PointsCNE : 5points / CPD (PT) : 5points / CPR (OT) : 5points / CME (under application)
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