Growth and Sustainability: Improving Quality Care Services for the Elderly”


Date:19/11/2016 (Saturday)
Time:9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue:Crystal Ballroom, 2nd Floor, The Cityview, Chinese YMCA, 23 Waterloo Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon
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 Fax: (+852) 2775 5586
09:00-09:10Welcome Address
Dr. Edward M F Leung, President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology
09:10-09:30Opening and Keynote Address
Mr. Lam Ka Tai, JP Deputy Director of Social Welfare (Services), Social Welfare Department, HKSAR
09:30-09:40Award Presentations
 Plenary Session (Moderator: Dr Edward M F Leung)
09:40-10:10Plenary Session 1
A Canadian Solution to Meet the Health and Social Needs of Its Aging Population
Dr. Samir K. Sinha MD, DPhil, FRCPC 
Director of Geriatrics, Sinai Health System and the University Health Network Hospitals, Toronto, Canada.
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Plenary Session 2

Qualifications Framework and Recognition of Prior Learning: An Effective Platform in Enhancing the Quality of Elderly Care Service in Hong Kong

Mr. Pang Bing Hung, Patrick

General Manager, Qualifications Framework Secretariat

10:45-11:00Morning Tea Break
11:00-12:30Outstanding Paper Presentation

Association of Light exposure intensity with the quality of sleep and behavioral symptoms in Chinese Alzheimer’s disease patients

Luk, W.M.A.


Effectiveness of Non-pharmacological Based Fatigue Management with Chinese Acupoints Stimulation for Patients with End Stage Renal Disease”
Ching, H.W.A., Suen, M.Y.A.B, To, W.K.R, Poon, Y.H.P, and Cheng, H.W.B.


The Effectiveness of Aroma Massage on Chinese Frail Elderly with Constipation

Au Yeung, K.MCheng, Y.W. and Ho, W.S


A Storybook intervention improves health literacy of patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Hong Kong: a pilot randomized controlled trial
Yu, S.W.Y., Tse, T.M.D., Cheng, C.C., Chiang, Y.W.C., Chui, C.Y.J., Lee, C.M., Li, M.H.H., Tse, T.M.D., Wong, B.H., Wong, K.H.K., and Leung, A.Y.M.

12:30-12:45HKAG Annual General Meeting
12:45-14:00Lunch & Poster Presentation

The Effects Of Aroma Massage Therapy On Physical Wellness Among Institutionalized Chinese Elderly
Fung C.T., Tung, K.K., Wong, W.S., Yim, T.C. and Ho, W.S.


The Effects Of “Clapping Hand Exercise (拍手功)” On Physical Wellness Among Institutionalized Chinese Elderly
Tung, K.K. and Leung, Y.C.


Exploring the Relationships among Activities of Daily Living, Cognition and Quality of Life of Chinese Patients with Dementia in Hong Kong
Wong, M.L.


How to develop social care service for seniors? Experience from Beijing China
Xie, L.


The effectiveness of an educational intervention on managing feeding difficulties for residents with dementia: A pilot study
Wong, Y.Y., and Chan Y.L.H.


The effect of Tai Chi on cognition, instrumental activities of daily living, and psycho- social well-being in community-dwelling older people with mild cognitive impairment.
Siu, M.Y., Lee, T.F.D.


Free Paper Session 1: Physical Health

(Moderator: Dr. B.C. Tong)

Free Paper Session 2: Social & Community (Moderator: Prof. Daniel Lai)


The use of peers in managing pain for older adults Tse, M., Ng, S., Lee, P., Tsien, T., and Chan, J.

A longitudinal examination of retirement adjustment among Hong Kong Chinese retirees
Lam, W.Y.W. and Yeung, Y.L.D.


Review clinical practice on fall prevention of the nursing homes of the Yuen Yuen Institute to enhance the quality of residential care
Kwan, R., Liu, J., Lee, R.,Kwong, E., Kor, P., Tang, A., Chung, A. and Lai, C.

Age-friendliness and life satisfaction of young-old and old-old in Hong Kong
Chan, C.Y.S., Au, M.L.A., Lai, W.L.D., Yip, H.M. and Lai, M.K.S.


Occupational Therapy in fall prevention management and analysis on the factors contributing to higher fall risk in hospital setting Yau, K.Y., Ching C.Y., Leung W.Y. & Wu A.

The Development of a Video Decision Aid in Advance Care Planning targeting Older Adults in Hong Kong
Lai, C.T. and Chan, H.


Community Ambulation Training Program for Enhancing the Elderly with Safe Outdoor Ambulation
Man, Y.Y., Cheung, P.M. and Poon, Y.H.P.

A novel exercise program to improve quality care for the elderly prostate cancer survivors: A pilot randomized controlled study
Lee, Y.T., Leung, W.C., Lee K.C., Mui, W.H. and Poon, Y.H.P.


Review the effectiveness of therapeutic Art Group in a Rehabilitation Hospital
Cheung, S.F.G., Cheung, T.T.C., Li, W.W.R., Wong M.K.E Lam, L.F.M. and Cheng, W.C.S.

Criminal victimization, fear of crime, and social support among older adults in urban China
Qin, N., Lai, W.L.D. and Yan, C.W.E.

15:15-15:30Afternoon Tea Break 
15:30-16:30Free Paper Session 3: Long Term Care (Moderator: Dr. Mimi Tse)Free Paper Session 4: Mental Health (Moderator: Dr. W.C. Chan)

Experience of Implementing an Observational Pain Management Protocol to Improve Pain Management for Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia
Liu, J. and Lai, C.

Caregiver-recipient relationship closeness: Effects on people with dementia and their caregivers
Fong, N.K.K., Kwok, K.C.D., Wong, G.P.Y., Cheung, Y.W.Q., Yau, K.Y., Yeung, H.W.Y., Cruz, G.P., Tong, C.Y. and Chan, Y.W.D.


The Effects Of Play Therapy Among Institutionalized Chinese Elderly With Behavioural Problems
Cheng, K.M., Tung K.K. and Leung, Y.C.

Dementia: Does culture affects its treatment and care?
Koduah, A.O., Liu, J., and Leung, A.


The Effects Of A Human-Type Communication Robot Among Institutionalized Chinese Elderly With Behavioural Problems
Chan, S.C., Tung, K.K., Cheng, K.M., Chan, K.K., Chan, L.L., Yuen, W.K. and Wai, M.Y.

The effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on cognitive functions in older adults with mild cognitive impairment: A pilot study
Cruz, G.P. and Fong, N.K.K.


Development of An Instrument to measure End of Life Care in Residential Care Home in Hong Kong & its potential in application
Chiu, D.W.A., Leung, E., Man, C.W., Leung, M.F. and Lau, A.

Knowledge Enhancement with End of Life Care Training
Chun, K.M.G., Fung, I., Leung E., Chan, H.


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HK$450 (Members) / HK$600 (Non-members) / US$150 (Overseas)
HK$100 (Hong Kong full-time students)
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