“Promoting Holistic Care and Well-being among Older People ”

Date:18/11/2017 (Saturday)
Time:9:00am to 4:30pm
Venue:Crystal Ballroom, 2nd Floor, The Cityview, Chinese YMCA, 23 Waterloo Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon
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Tentative Programme:
09:00-09:05Welcome Address
Dr. Edward M F Leung, President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology
 Plenary Session (Moderator: Dr Edward M F Leung)

Plenary Session 1
Health Promotion Strategy for Older People in Taiwan”
Dr. Ying-Wei Wang, M.D., Dr.PH

Director General, Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan

Plenary Session 2
“Palliative Care and Frail Elders: The Role of Geriatricians & Geriatric Team-Based Care”
Patricia A. Bomba, M.D., MACP

Vice President & Medical Director, Geriatrics Excellus BlueCross BlueShield & MedAmerica Insurance Company United States

President Address

Dr. Edward M F Leung, President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology

Keynote Address

Prof. Sophia Chan, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, HKSAR
10:15-10:30RACAS – Full Participation Award and Certification Presentation
10:30-10:55Morning Tea Break
10:55-12:25Outstanding Paper Presentation (Moderator: Prof. Raymond Ngan)

The Association between Mediterranean Diet and Frailty in Community-dwelling Older People in Hong Kong: A Preliminary Result of an Ongoing Cross-sectional Study.
Wong T.T., Wong H.C., Yeung F.W., Chan C.W., Chan K.W., Tsang S.T., Wong K., Yau L.Y. and Kwan R.Y.

The School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Setting Goals and Reinforcing Positive Expectations promote Older Adults’ Post- Stroke Recovery.
Lo H.S.S., Chang A.M. and Chau P.C.J.

The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

A Mixed Methods Study on Ageing Chinese Adults’ Care Expectation in the Changing Family and Sociocultural Contexts in Hong Kong.
Bai X.

Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Empowering, Engaging, and Enabling Senior Citizens to Participate in their Future Healthcare Planning in the Digital Age.
Chan H.Y.L., Ng J.S.C., Ko P.S., Chan I.K.Y., Yeung C., Leung P.P.Y., Liu K.H.,
Leung C.Y.M., Ma T.C.M., Chan L.N., Chan C.W.H., Lee D.T.F. and Chan K.S.

The Nethersole School of Nursing. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Gait, Balance and Fall Risk Assessment
Cheung T.J., Li X., Xu H.Y. and Cheung T.D.

The Hong Kong Baptist University and Booguu Company Ltd.
12:25-12:30Outstanding Paper Award Prize Presentation
12:30-12:45HKAG Annual General Meeting
12:30-14:00Lunch & Poster Presentation
AfternoonFree Paper Presentation
14:00-15:15Session I: Long Term CareSession II: Dementia & Mental Health

Improving Quality of Care of RCHEs through Systematic Training by Quality Improvement Project.

Chiu D.W.A., Leung M.F.E., Chung W.T.A

3 Year Longitudinal Review on Cognitive Function of Patients with Dementia in Memory Clinic.

Ma S.Y.D., Cheung H.Y., Leung W.Y.F. and Wu A.


An interdisciplinary Team Approach for the Prevention of Minimal Trauma Fractures in Long-term Care Residents.

Lam K., Leung M.F., Kwan C.W. and Kwan J.

A Review on the Performance of HK-MoCA 5-minute Protocol to Elderly Patients.

Au Yeung W.N., Lee M.L.M., Leung W.Y.F. and Wu A.


Review of Frailty Measurements: Conceptual Definitions, Psychometric Properties and Diagnostic Accuracies

Huang E.Y.Z. & Lam S.C.

BIGMAP: A Program for Older Adults with or without MCI.

Fu F.Fung L.,Cheng P., Chow B., Ip H.W. and Yuan Y.

Implementation Experience of Dementia Care Mapping in Residential & Day Care Centre Services for Older Persons in Hong Kong

Wong H.Y.G., Lok Y.M.W., Tang Y.M.J., Lum Y.S.T. and Leung Y.M.M.

The Association Between Mass Media Exposure and Dementia Literacy : A Cross-sectional Study

Yu, T.L.R., Cheung W.M., Chiu M.L., Ho L.Y., Kong S.M., Lai C.Y., Wong C.M. and Leung A.Y.M.



The Effectiveness of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Real-life Settings: It is more than Improvement in Measurement Scale.

Chung Y.C.B., Liu P.M.D., Wong L.F.S., Wu C.F.L., Chan Y.R., Kwok Y.L.A. and Lai Y.K.R.

A Student Community Project of Play Activities for Persons with Dementia: a Win-Win Situation.

Kwong N.L.A., Au Y.M.E. and Cheng Y.S.G.
15:15-15:30Afternoon Tea Break
15:30-16:45Session III: Health CareSession IV: Physical Health

Case Studies in End of Life Care in RCHEs in Hong Kong.

Liu C.F.F.

Thermal Sensation and Use of Open Space for Elderly’s Well-being.

Wang S.Q. and Yung H.K.E.

Shortening the Waiting Time of High Risk Elderly at Geriatric Out-patient Clinic through Comprehensive Assessment and Management (CAM)

Chan O.L.I., Sha K.Y., Tang S.K. and Ng Y.B.

Malnutrition Screening and Nutrition Consumption in the Hospitalized Geriatric Patients: A Prospective Study.

TING T., Chan S., Lui G., Wong C.Y., Ng S. and Tam S.

Life-and-Death Education: Sub-degree Students’ Role in promoting Palliative Care.

Fong W.T.C., and Kwong N.L.A.

Engaging Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients in Physical Activity through Photovoice: A randomized controlled trial study

Leung Y.M.A. and Leung S.H.

Relationship between Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSB) Consumption, Meat Intake and Prediabetes among Middle-Aged Group in Hong Kong

Cheung C.M., Chu H.Y., Chan W.Y., Chau H.T., Shiu K.W., Wong H.S., Leung S.H. and Leung A.Y.M.

The Use of Accelerometers in measuring the Physical Activity of Community-dwelling Older People in Hong Kong: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Outcomes of a Pilot Study.

Wong H.C., Wong T.T., Chan K.W., Yau L.Y., Yeung F.W., Chan C.W., Tsang S.T., Wong K. and Kwan Y.C.R.

Retrospective Study: Investigate the Predictors of In-patient Length of Stay and Discharge Destination in Stroke Rehabilitation in Princess Margaret Hospital.

Chan H.Y.M., Lo T.K.V., So C.T.,
Cheng W.C.C.S.

Effect of Acupressure on the Quality of Sleep in Chinese Old Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID): A Pilot Study and on-going Project

Luk W.M.A.
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