27 NOVEMBER 2010 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

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Date:  27th November 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Venue:Ballroom, Langham Hotel Hong Kong , 8 Peking Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon


Conference theme: 

Population Ageing: Enriching Life, well-being and sustainable Aged Care





Dr. Edward M.F. LEUNG, President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology



Prof. Gabriel LEUNG, JP, Under-Secretary, Food and Health Bureau, Hong Kong Government

9:30 am

Reclaiming Old Age – the Story of Global Ageing
Dr. George LEESON
Deputy Director,
Institute of Ageing, University of Oxford

How much selected are the centenarians today:
new insights from the 5-COOP to the Hong Kong Oldest-Old Study
Dr Karen Siu Lan CHEUNG
Research Assistant Professor,
Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong

10:20 amTEA BREAK

10:35 am

Measuring Depression in Chinese Elders with the MDS-HC: A Psychometric Study
Doris Y.P. LEUNG & Iris CHI

Characteristics of Functional Disabilities in Chinese Dementia Patients
Peggy S.Y. NIP & Cindy W.C. TAM

Health in Rural China: An Evaluation on Financial Involvement and Health Patterns of the Chinese Middle Age and Elderly Persons
Zarina LAM, Diana MAK, & Alan SZE

Micturition Disorders in Elderly Stroke Patients Admitted to Rehabilitation Facilities in Hong Kong
Edward M.F. LEUNG, B.C. TONG, P.M. FUNG, S.H. WAH, C.K. TAM, T. YU, C.Y. IP, S. TSE, Kenny WONG, Eddie CHOW, Walter LAM, W.Y. TSANG, S.T. LAU, J. LUK, S.K. CHAN, Tammi LO, K.P. PONG, Daniel C.N. YAU, H.W. TSANG, Flora MAK, Annie MAK, K.Y. LI, M.C. CHUNG, L.L.LEE, S.W. TANG, Teresa TSOW, W.H HO, & the Hong Kong Geriatrics Society Continence Care SIG

What is Needed in Long Term Dementia Care in Hong Kong: A Cross-sectional Survey
J. LEE, E. HUI, C. KNG, T.W. AUYEUNG, & the Hong Kong Geriatrics Society Long Term Care SIG

12:30 pm –

2:00 pm




Evidence Based Practice in Life Review Service "My Present for You" Video Shooting Services for the Elderly in Chinese Context to Enrich their Golden Ageing
Shirley S.Y. FOK & Agnes S.Y. CHOY

Public Attitude toward the Chinese Translation of Dementia in Hong Kong
K.C. LAM, Eunice HUI, April YIP, Timothy KWOKFlorence HO

Usage of Day Care Service by Persons with Dementia in Hong Kong
Daniel YOUNGK.C. LAM, April YIP, Timothy KWOKFlorence HO

Chronic Pain among Community-dwelling Older Persons: Does it Relate to Physical and Psychological Well-being?
Mimi M.Y. TSE & Alex WONG

Personal and Environmental Safety Awareness Initiative for Community-dwelling Older Elders
Mimi M.Y. TSE, Rincy LEUNG, & Alex WONG

Elder Participation – New Power in the Community

Trunk Impairment Scale is a Reliable Tool for Measuring Trunk Dysfunction in Subjects with Stroke
Bill K.S. CHAN, Shamay S.M. NG, & Gabriel Y.F. NG

The Effectiveness of Telephone-Delivered Psycho-Educational Intervention to Caregivers Taking Care of People with Dementia in Hong Kong
Kenny CHUI, Timothy KWOK, Florence HO, & April YIP

Health Promotion Interventions Used to Reduce Social Isolation and Loneliness amongst Elderly - Which Ones Works? Which Ones Don’t Work?
Cecilia H.M. KONG & Athena W.L. HONG

C - Reactive Protein (CRP) and White Cell Counts (WCC) as Markers of Bacterial Infection in Elderly
Kenny W.M. WONG

Promoting Intergenerational Solidarity: Hong Kong’s Experience with Intergenerational Programming
Florence M.S. FONG



Moderator: Dr. Raymond M.H. NGAN

Learning Through Interacting: Nursing Students Visiting Seniors in an Outreach Program
Ivy Y.P. WONG, Phyllis PANG, Keith FUNG, Carol KWOK, Jeff FUNG, & Claudia K.Y. LAI

Services to Hidden Elders in Rural Villages
Selina S.C. LO, Y.H. MA, & Onyx H.K. LUI

Elders' Personal Wellbeing in Relation to Public Benefit
Jacky C.K. CHEUNG & Raymond M.H. NGAN

How I Feel Lonely: Interviews with Japanese Aged Males

Towards Healthy Lifestyle in Later Life: Findings on District-based Sleep Pattern Study
Zarina LAM & Joyce CHANG

FREE PAPER SESSION II –  Mental Health/ End-of-Life Care

Moderator: Dr. Wai-chi CHAN

Conceptualizing the Spirituality of Chinese Older Adults: A Delphi Study
Vivian W. Q. LOUCatherine L.Y. CHANShirleyS.Y. FOK, & AmyK.M. TSUI

Demographic Pattern Among Community Elders Referred for Cognitive Assessment Service in Occupational Therapy Department
Coeie L. LAU, Daisy S.Y. MA, Anna A. WU

Promoting Filial Piety Through Intergenerational Programme: A Storytelling Approach
Alfred C.M. CHAN & Florence M.S. FONG

10 Years on: Our Experience of End-of-Life Care Service in a Nursing Home in Hong Kong

Welgent W.C. CHU, Mandy W.M. CHAN, Walter THOMPSON, W.C. KWOK, & Christine Y.T. LAM





Moderator: Ms. Rosanna C.L. LIU
Effects of an Evidence-based Foot and Toenail Care Protocol in Geriatrics Patients
Diana T.F. LEE, Helen Y.L. CHAN, Edward M.F. LEUNG, C.W MAN, K.M. LAI, M.W. LEUNG, Julia S.W. WONG, Dawn S.H. CHAIR, & Irene K.Y. WONG

What do Elderly Residents Living in Senior Citizens Residence (SEN) Scheme in Hong Kong Expect from a Wellness Program Guided by Healthcare Professionals?
Sabrina W.T. LI, Amy H.W. LAM, & Kenneth K.Y. AU-YEUNG

Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy Prescribed Home Program for Stroke Patients in Geriatrics Day Hospital
Heddy M.Y. NG, Maggie M.K SO, Doris S.M. TING, & Anna WU

The Effectiveness of the Depression Care Management (DCM) Program on Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients
Mike CHEUNG, Angela LEUNG, Andrew LAW, Daniel CHU, Josephine WONG, & Alison YUNG

Effectiveness of Occupational Therapist Prescribed Computerized Program in Promoting Active Participation
Eunice W.C. CHAN, Anna WU, & Daisy S.Y. MA


Moderator: Dr. Alice M.LChong

An Evidence-based" Geri-artist" Program for Chinese Elderly Persons
Zarina LAM

Living Alone but Not Lonely – A Selection, Optimization, and Compensation Analysis
Vivian W. Q. LOU

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cognitive-behavioral Treatment for Chinese Elderly in Hong Kong - A Preliminary Study
Lydia Y.P. TSANG, Kenneth K.S. SO, Selina S. C. LO, & Daniel F.K. WONG

Changing Health Professional Trainees' Attitudes towards Older Adults Through Service Learning: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Angela Y.M. LEUNG,Sophia S.C. CHAN, & C.W. KWAN

Effectiveness of Prompted Voiding (PV) in Treating Urinary Incontinence (UI) in a Nursing Home: A Pilot Study
Claudia K.Y. LAI, Y.S. LO, & S.T. SHEK


Registration Fees: (Lunch & refreshments included)

HK$350 (Members)

HK$450 (Non-members)

US$100 (Overseas)


Accreditation Award: 2-7.25 CME / 5 CNE / 3 CPD (OT)/ 7 CPD (PT) Points


Outstanding Paper Award:

During the Annual Congress on Gerontology, an Outstanding Paper presentation will be organized. Papers submitted to the Congress will be assessed by a selection panel for inclusion in the Outstanding Paper Presentation. Paper presented in the Outstanding Paper Presentation Session will be judged by a panel for an Outstanding Paper Award based on both the content and presentation of the paper. The presenter of the paper deemed to the most outstanding will be awarded a prize of HK$1000. All papers presented in the Outstanding Paper Presentation session will be issued with a certificate. The Outstanding Paper presented will be published in the Asian Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics.


Enrollment Procedures

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  2. Fax at 2775 5586 attn. the Conference Secretariat, or by mail to The Conference Secretariat,18th Annual Congress of Gerontology, 1/F, Kimberley House, 35 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Please feel free to contact us at 2775 5756 or, Email to chadchan@hkag.org



We look forward to seeing you at the conference on 27th November 2010



            Dr. Edward M.F. Leung                                                                     Dr. Raymond M.H. Ngan


            President,                                                                                            Chairman, Organizing Committee

            Hong Kong Association of Gerontology,                                        17th Annual Congress of Gerontology